Best Hernia Repair Operation In Singapore

What Is A Hernia?

The body muscle or tissue can become weak at times when this happens, a body organ tends to protrude by pushing through the weakened spot. And this is what is referred to as a hernia. Thus, the hernia is the protrusion of organs as a result of a weakened a body tissue or muscles that can no longer hold the organ in place. Weakened muscles can be as a result of the surgical procedure, aging, carrying heavy objects, chronic coughs because of smoking, prolonged sneezing and coughing among others. Hernias commonly occur in the abdomen though, they can also occur in the groin area, the upper thigh and also the belly button.

The Types Of A Hernia Are:

A hiatal hernia – happens when the stomach protrudes into the chest via the diaphragm.
An incisional hernia – occurs when the intestines protrude through an incision scar after undergoing an abdominal operation.
An inguinal hernia – occurs when the intestines go through the abdominal wall.
An umbilical hernia – occurs when intestines protrude through a weakened abdominal wall.

The remedy for a hernia is the surgical procedure (it is the mainstay treatment so far). There is a wide range of procedures that can be undertaken to remedy the situation. But the type of surgical procedure will obviously depend on the location of a hernia.

For hernia surgery in Singapore, we are professionals in carrying out the operation and we have a perfect record in this expertise. In carrying out our operation, we make incisions in the abdomen and return the contents in their rightful place in the abdominal cavity. For the weakened tissues and muscles, we use stitches to close and reinforce those areas and surgical mesh.

In the surgical procedure, we either use laparoscopic or open operation. Laparoscopic is the preferred type because it is less damaging to the neighboring tissues. In the former, we employ the use of a tiny camera and tiny surgical equipment through small incisions. The other advantage of it is the shorter recovery period.

An open operation on the hand will render you immobile for longer, not completely immobile, but you may not be able to move around normally. The type of operation we carry out for a specific hernia though will also vary since not all hernias are compatible with each operation.

How We Diagnose Hernia

For a hiatal hernia, we carry out an endoscopy or a barium X-ray. Barium X-ray is done after you have consumed a solution that contains barium, which enables the X-ray to show clear images. Endoscopy uses a threading camera down your throat into your body on a tube.

Incisional and inguinal hernias we physically diagnose these by feeling for a lump that grows larger when you stretch your muscles.

Why You Should Get Your Hernia Treated With Us

We offer professional services. Our treatment will help you get rid of the discomfort it is causing you.
After going through our treatment, you are guaranteed to get back your perfect body outlook that you once had.

If you see the early signs of a hernia, do not hesitate to visit us. Get it checked out with us since an untreated hernia never goes away on its own.